The key areas on which Chemifarma has focused its operations are three:

medicinal products for veterinary therapy: production of veterinary drugs in oral form, to control, prevent and treat the diseases affecting both livestock and pet animals. Most of livestock products are generics.

animal nutrition products: production of vitamin-based supplements with specific nutritional purposes, premixes for the feed industry, in both liquid and powder form.

products for the environment disinfection: disinfectants and biocides necessary to maintain adequate hygienic environments in contact with animals, because their welfare affects their health with direct consequences on the man.

During the years Chemifarma has carve out a own space offering, among other products and thanks to the know- how created by its own reserchers, a line of liquid nutritional summplements ,F – P Fluid products, particularly suitable to the needs of modern intensive farming and for these reason greatly apprecciated by breeders and veterinarians.



Safety: regular checks on the production process, conformity of the technical equipment and distribution process.

Quality: accurate monitoring of all production phases: assessment and selection of certified raw material suppliers who guarantee the highest purity standards of their products; steady renewal of quality control instruments for raw material and finished product testing.

Efficacy: the continuous feedback with the clients allowed Chemifarma to improve product efficacy, besides providing important suggestions to its researches and technicians to devise new therapeutic, nutritional and environmental bio-safety solutions.

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